Support for Enhanced Parenting

Even when the child has not been directly abused, he or she is still a victim of a domestic violence situation: a mother in danger may be unable to meet her child's needs, to support and stimulate him or her.

In some cases, the violence has been so severe that the child has developmental delays, psychological problems and a parental bond that needs to be built. These situations require continuous and sustained monitoring to avoid a break-up or placement of the child.

Aims of the treatment :

  • Preventing generational violence

  • Promote the healthy development of the child, to enable him or her to evolve as positively as possible and to aspire to a life without violence

  • To support the mother in her parental role, offering her the necessary tools to develop a quality relationship with her child

  • In the long term: to facilitate the child's integration into normal schooling, without learning deficiencies or developmental delays. This ensures equal opportunities for children who are born into disadvantaged environments

A bridge between the nursery and the home, for individualised support.

In terms of resources, these children require a lot of attention and time from the early childhood staff, especially in discussion with the mother, in order to readjust certain dysfunctional behaviours. These acute needs represent a significant burden for the team, sometimes to the detriment of the care of children who are doing well.

Thanks to Swiss Solidarity, which is supporting this project as part of the Heart to Heart 2020 fund-raising campaign for the Right to Childhood, Enhanced Parenting Support is now part of Arabelle's services.

Since January 2021, an additional teacher has been accompanying the children with special needs between the nursery and the home, and communicates continuously with the mother in order to be able to put the observations made in the nursery into practice on a daily basis.


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