SES, an emergency outpatient service

Any person who is a victim of domestic violence and who cannot be accommodated in a shelter due to lack of space and who is housed in a hotel or other accommodation without educational follow-up can benefit from the External Support Service (ESS).

To receive help, simply fill in the form below.

Help provided

Once the victim has sent in her request, a social educator quickly contacts her.

The SES caseworker can provide immediate assistance (material, food, medical, listening, guidance, etc.), referrals to the appropriate services (psychosocial, legal and financial assistance) and help with the necessary procedures.

She also takes into account the well-being and needs of the children present.

Modalities of intervention

  • The service is free of charge and does not require any specific administrative steps. It is non-binding.

  • Initial contact is guaranteed within the first few hours of leaving home.

  • Arabelle guarantees the confidentiality of the steps taken.

  • The service is offered for a minimum of one week, renewable for 4 weeks (i.e. 5 weeks in total).

SES application form

If confidential, leave blank.

If confidential, leave blank.


Specify the name if someone else's home, the room number if in a hotel.


ArabelleLAVI CentreThe PertuisOWOHPoliceCausEAVVECUMPVHUGPharosFamily/friendsOther

No follow-upHGSPMiHUGUDSPADOther

The applicantSocial serviceLAVI CentreThe PertuisOWOHPoliceOther person


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