Arabelle evening with meal and show

On June 24, 2022, Arabelle's support evening took place, organized in order to make our action visible and to gather members and supporters of the association. We had the pleasure to open the evening with the speech of the State Counselor Thierry Apothéloz, from the Department of Social Cohesion. After the aperitif, the participants took their seats at the table for a convivial buffet prepared by our team of cooks.

Women's stories in theater and music

A performance by Nathaly Leduc, actress, and Sergio Valedos, musician, directed by Naïma Arlaud.

The story of this performance begins at the home, within the framework of theater workshops conducted in small groups. A social and participatory theater project, aiming to value the word of the residents and to give them confidence in their legitimacy to make their experiences heard. For this project, the participants are invited to share fantastic stories, dreams from their childhood imagination.

Little by little, through play and music, trust was created and texts emerged. The theater team then put together a play based on these stories.

A joyful and moving performance that ended with a suspended moment, when residents, but also educators and members of the association went on stage together. A meeting of women from all walks of life.